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Katie + Cameron /// Engagement Session /// The Breakers Hotel Palm Beach, FL

There are few places in the entire world as grand as the Breakers Hotel. It’s rich history and stunning architecture provided the perfect backdrop for elegant engagement photos and thats exactly what Cameron & Katie got. We started on the beach where the summer breeze and salt water air created an intoxicating effect on the couple that made for intimate moments to capture. From the beach we moved to the croquet lawn where the majestic Breakers hotel could be seen in the background.  The sheer magnificence of the hotel can be felt here, and signifies the grand scale of love that Cameron and Katie share for each other. We finished the session in the med courtyard and ballroom. The courtyards lush greenery and array of colorful flowers set a sentimental mood perfect for long hugs and passionate kisses that we were happy to be able to capture in detail. The Breakers Hotel remains one of our favorite places to shoot and we hope you enjoy it in all its majesty.

Here are a couple of teasers from Katie + Cameron Engagement Session  at  The Breakers Hotel – Palm Beach, FL

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